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Trading – Earning profit consistently is an amateurs Dream

Trading as a career gives you freedom, not answerable to anybody; you are free to live and work anywhere in the world with just a Laptop and a high speed internet connection.
I have seen few of the successful Trader even Living in a Hill station away from the city noise and pollution, enjoying the beauty of Nature, and travelling throughout the world.
This is the Life of a successful trader.
Everybody wants such a wonderful life. But only few can really reach there. If you are a first time trader, or an amateur, or part time trader you see the market as if a pool of lakhs of Rupees. You try to reach the money but, experience a haul of utter cry, Losses. You try again, but the sound of the crying gets Louder, the loss magnifies.
You lose because the profession is tough; and you are investing without your consciousness. Loss is inevitable if you are not focused, not concentrating on what you are doing or if you are indiscipline. If any of these fail you, Vedic way of Investing is the solution, going to help you out. Its Experiential, practice the Vedic way, manifest your goal for next three months and see the result yourself. I promise, the better you are going to earn 400 times more than your earning today.

Psychology ——- 90 % of your trade based on it

Success and failure of a trader /investor depends on his or her psychology, as it’s the key driving factor of the market. If you fail to identify the Mass psychology, or its changes you miss your Profit. It’s happening with most of the traders, whether you are an investor, Part time trader, or amateurs.
Psychology is the Key; A price is the reflection of Fear and Greed. If you are feeling positive about the stock, greed takes place, major percentage of people feel Positive, and buy, stock price rise high, alternatively when you are scared of losing your capital or profit you sell, most people sell, stock price fall. The feelings of Greed or Fear of lakhs of traders merge into huge psychological boost that moves the market.

Most of the trader spend hours of time looking for good trades, once they enter the trade they lose control, either they feel pain or feel ecstatic in pleasure and miss essential element of winning, Management of their emotions, Which fundamentally leads to poor money management. Now, you need Vedic way of investing which helps you to control your emotions. Improve your consciousness, intensify your focus, and awaken your intuition.

Psychology ——- 90 % of your trade based on it

In Market if your mind is not aligned with market rhythm, or if you miss the shift of mass psychology from Bull to bear or bear to bull then you lose the opportunities of earning money. A successful trader always gives enormous importance of psychology in trading. All Losing amateurs tend to ignore it. Later in the book i shall explain more about Vedic way of investing, how the Vedic practices makes you stronger, emotionally stable even in the
volatile market situations, helps you to connect with your higher self, which leads you to identify better trades, makes you emotionally strong, give confidence in your analysis, improved consciousness differentiate you from your competitors and help you to achieve higher goal.
For the moment just know, psychology plays a pivotal role in your investing career. I say 90 percent of your success depends on your psychology, because technical parameters and information are same for all. How you derived data from the same information solely depends on you. And here again Veda helps you in exuberantly.
Success full Trading `stands on three pillars: Psychology, Market Analysis and Money Management. The book is going to explore all three. The 1st chapter of this book shows a new approach to managing your emotions as a trader.

Why Veda in Trading

Vedic principles are ways to lead life in peaceful manner with prosperity and happiness. These are suggested ways of Life as taught by wise Rishis.
Veda talks about Creating Wealth. It says Energy is directed towards creation, not destroying it. Energy is creative, non violent, contributing directly towards creation, its, an intrinsic part of Life.
Veda also talks a lot about Removing the Limit about wealth from your inner space; wealth is
not a sin, the happier you become, tranquil, transparent you are the more you create wealth.
Most of us in this era psychologically believe in the back of our consciousness that money creates problem, but, wealth is never been a problem. Wealth is just a tool of living; problem is problem.
If you have consciously chosen a path not to create wealth it’s, ok. Wealth is not the life, whether you need the tool or not is absolutely your life choice.
But if you have consciously chosen a path to create wealth, and you are not wealthy, means something wrong in you.

Vedanti gives a right understanding about society; where it says not creating wealth is a sin.
It means, you are not focused to get best result out of your work. It means you don’t take responsibility for your action. Vedanta also talks about being intelligent, practical, Removal of mental blocks and consciously dedicating yourself to the creation.

Vedic way of Trading

In Veda there are two dimensions of Wealth. Sanganidhi and Badhuma nidhi.
Sanganidhi means conquered wealth, don’t misinterpret it with robbing or hijacking wealth,
conquered wealth was never robbed wealth, it means accumulating wealth from natural sources.
Bdhumanidhi On the other hand referred to flowered wealth. Like Lotus, source of creation. It means create your own wealth.
Veda says, being poor is your choice, you attracted it. You are poor, your desire are unfulfilled are the result of your own manifestation whether you wanted it consciously or unconsciously, you attracted it.
In Veda, it also says Stress free relax life only leads you to poverty. As long as you cherish poverty you are only going to attract it. Throughout Upanishad, nowhere poverty is respected, or worshiped. Not even indirectly. It was always been shown as sin. Rishis were never been poor. Kings used to bow down to the Rishis. You are in a miserable condition not because you live a Vedic lifestyle, because you gave up your Vedic life style.
There are few vedic principles and restraints (YAMA), which help us to connect with our higher self, let us understand what we realy are and what we really want to do. It creates clarity of mind, help us to manifest the desire, what we realy want. The practices of the principle and yama (Restraints) improves our consciousness, focus our energy, disciplined our action, and Strengthen our decision making process.
The YAMA, Restraints are as follows…..
1. Noninjury, Ahimsa (Practice no injury, not harming others by thought, word or deed, even in your dreams. Live a kindly life, revering all beings as expressions of the One Divine energy. )
2. Truthfulness, Satya (Adhere to truthfulness, refraining from lying and betraying promises. Speak only that which is true, kind, helpful and necessary)
3. No stealing, Asteya (Uphold the virtue of no stealing, neither thieving, coveting nor failing to repay debt. Control your desires and live within your means. )

4. Divine Conduct, Brahmacharya (Practice divine conduct, controlling lust by remaining celibate when single and faithful in marriage.)
5. Patience, Kshama
6. Steadfastness, Dhriti (Foster steadfastness, overcoming non
perseverance, fear, indecision and changeableness. )
7. Compassion, Daya (Practice compassion, conquering callous, cruel
and insensitive feelings toward all beings)
8. Honesty, Arjava (Maintain honesty, renouncing deception and
wrongdoing. Act honorably even in hard times)
9. Moderate Appetite, Mitahara (Be moderate in appetite, do not eat
too much and never consume meat, fish, shellfish, fowl or eggs
10. Purity, Saucha (Uphold the ethic of purity, avoiding impurity
in mind, body and speech. Maintain a clean, healthy body. Keep a pure, uncluttered home and workplace. Act virtuously. Keep good company, never mixing with adulterers, thieves or other impure people. Keep away from pornography and violence. Never use harsh, angered or indecent language. Worship devoutly. Meditate daily)
The restraint of Veda and its Niyama, help you to improve your consciousness, connect us with our higher self, help us to focus our energy at right direction. Energy is like the water, if the water is put in a garden, the weed and the flower both grow together.
Water does not have the ability to discriminate between weed and flower. Energy is the same way also, if you invest your energy and invest it in something negative it will grow more negative, if you invest energy and invest in something positive, it grow more positive. Whatever you invest Energy into, starts to grow and manifest in your life.
Vedic Niyams improve our consciousness, help us to manifest what we really want. we want profit? we earn more profit. We want profit in happiness, we earn profit in happiness. When we are worried and tensed; we become more worried and tensed. So, Veda and Vedic way of investing differentiate us from other lakhs of people, creates a competitive advantages for us and uplift us among the top 1% of the business leaders. Profit and higher return on
investment become a natural phenomena.
Vedic way makes us more self disciplined, improves our awareness, strengthen our decision making process, and magnifies our interpretation skill. So, we automatically enter into the top 1% of the winning group. The better we automatically brings better result. From our study we have seen, it makes us 400 % extra competent, which means we earn 400 percent extra return from the same us.
The result of an investment /trading decision solely depends on our psychology. Patience and ability to uphold our strategies even in odd situation gives us a better result. We see

happiness plays a crucial role in our decision making process. Happiness of mind improves our concentration, connects us to our higher self. And most of the time we take wrong decision when we are stressed, so, it’s always suggested never take a business decision when you are tensed, not focused or unhappy.
I say take your position in the stock market when your mind, body and emotion together create a synergy. Whenever these three accompany you in taking your decisions it becomes your best possible choice. Probability of being wrong minimizes to null.
Vedic principles and restraints guides us to create the Synergy.