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Arthashastra Gurukul - Learn to invest in vedic way

‘ArthashastraGurukul’ , Arthashastra means economics knowledge , Gurukul means school, the economics school, is situated in  the lap of Himalaya in uttarakhand and himachal pradesh providing guidance to only selective investors, traders or professionals each year. 

Arthashastra, the Upaveda, represents Atharva Veda, is the ancient Indian literature from Vedic era is a comprehensive treatise on statecraft and economics that has been influential in Indian political and economic thought for centuries are still relevant today.  

The Gurukul, started in 2015 by Mr. Sudipta Das in kolkata,  challenges modern investing practices, that leads 95% traders, investors to lose their money. Gurukul  provide students with a deep understanding of the Vedic principles of investing. These principles are based on the idea that wealth creation is not just about making money but also about creating value for ownself & for the society at large. 

 Arthashastra was not specifically written with modern stock market trading in mind, but, it’s much more than our modern economics, investment or trading practices, when you combine arthashastra, the upveda, with other Vedam and vedangam, viz, Upanishad, siksha, byakarana, kalpa, jyotishya, etc. Even jyotishya, whic is a representation of Vedangam, refer to atharva veda too,  has 18 principles; one talk about placatory positions, rest 17 principles are all about astronomy and astro physics, this opens up the door to universal approach to the numbers and time.

Time is the most important element of investing. Gurukul presents the knowledge in a manner that the students, investors and traders in the stock market learn to forecast the market, economy, stocks or any other financial instrument. Students of Gurukul automatically learns the importance of diversification and risk management with cycle analysis and other astrnomical forecasting techniques. For example; if you know next 30 days sugar sector is going to rise, you are definitely not going put your money in Infra sector, right? 

Price’ of any financial instrument is measured on two axis, Viz; Y & X Axis. The vertical axis, Y, the price is the reflection of any commodity or financial instrument, on a specified time period, which is represented on X’ axis. But, most of our education system, B-school, Economic school, or Ivy League school have no measures to catch the TIME, Which have already been mentioned by our ancestors thousands of years back in Vedam, Vedangam or Suryasidhhantam.

ArthshtraGurukul invites selective students  once in a year in its Gurukul,  people takes participate in these workshops majority of people are professional trader, investor, students or working professionals.

A participant of Arthshastra Gurukul learns the market or economic statuesque much prior to the actual happening. They learn to calculate the time of each Industry, sector, company or its stock’s cycle, so, he knows in much advance when the stock, index is going to fall or rise, or how long it’s going to go in a particular direction. The rise or fall of a stock is directly proportionate to its own cycle or conjunction of industry, sector, or economic cycles.

The success rate of  the students of ArthshtraGurukul is fabulous and people understand the stock market and the phenomena better than before and they are making profits, identifying themselves different, better than others in industry.

FOUNDER - The Aryan

When you start having your higher studies in math, economics or numbers you must have to return to our ancient Indian literatures.  The wisdom can beat ivy league 100 times. 

Concept of Arthashastra

Understanding the basics of Vedic way of investing. The science is beyond modern educational system, a composite of highly sophisticated mathematical applications. Arthshastra teach you what people know, and also teach you what people don’t know, that make you complete, better and advanced than others.

Core Principles of Arthashastra

Arthshastra in investment involve a holistic approach that considers various aspects of wealth creation, such as risk management, asset allocation, and portfolio diversification with Time cycle, GANN and Vedic astronomy.

Arthashastra and Modern Investment Practices

Bridging the Gap Despite being an ancient text, Arthshastra's teachings are still relevant in modern investment practices. Its principles of Time is the only element that determine price of any financial instrument make you disciplined in investing, by knowing where the price of your which stock going to reach when in advance covers all your long-term planning, risk management, & navigation to the volatile market conditions that help you to achieve your financial goals.

Arthashastra and the Future of Investing

The future is within you, Most of you mistakenly try to find solutions outside, to news paper, news channel, magazine, tips providers, or youtube gurus. But, it was always inside you. Arthshastra guide investors towards creating a sustainable and inclusive economy through its ethical and sustainable investing practices. It emphasizes on importance of upgrading own self towards own higher self that opens a newer dimension of sustainable wealth creation.

Our vision is to promote the principles of Arthshastra as a viable and sustainable way of investing that creates long-term value for individuals, society, and the environment.
Our mission is to educate investors about the core principles of Arthshastra and their relevance in modern investment practices. We strive to provide a comprehensive framework for ethical and sustainable investing that aligns with the principles of Arthshastra. Our aim is to create a community of responsible investors who prioritize social welfare, environmental impact, and ethical practices in their investment decisions.
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I was struggling to balance my day job and trading career until I found this service. Their time cycle techniques were a game-changer for me. Today i know what to focus focus more on my trading and achieve better results without compromising my work schedule. Thank you for the invaluable help!"
I'm a busy entrepreneur, and I don't have much time to spare for trading. However, I didn't want to miss out on the opportunities the market presents. I contacted Gurukul, and they helped me to design a trading strategy that fits my schedule. They also provided me with time series analysis tools that helped me free up more time for my other ventures. I highly recommend this service!
I have been trading for years, but I never realized how much time I was wasting until I joined Gurukul, They taught me how to forecast stock or industry in advance. I was amazed at how much more productive I became, and my trading performance improved significantly. I can't thank Gurukul enough for their excellent work!

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