Please stop WRONG and Dangerous Trading

Trading is an art as well as a science. Why trading is an art, the answers lie within you only. You see most of the ancient writers on stock market trading, whether, Alexander elder, WD Gann, or Sudipta Das, talks about intuition. When you don’t understand the market movement, whether stock commodity or currency, you take your call on intuition. You are also doing the same but, just without knowing it.
Intuition is an accumulation of your experience that is perceived by your subconscious mind. The knowledge and experiences are filtered by outside information, from television, newspaper, WhatsApp, or youtube. So, it’s more acute than any other calculation, as we all know your subconscious mind is 1000 % more powerful than our conscious mind. So, the decision taken intuitively is more accurate and profitable in trading stocks, currencies, cryptocurrency, or commodities than any other means of trading strategies.
So, our ancient culture, Rishis, used to talk about managing and preparing yourself in a better way through yoga and meditation. Those practices built a better you, a better you are always above emotion, greed, and fear to take your trading decision.
There are other aspects of the Vedic way of trading, the calculation of degrees, and the position of the moon and sun with the earth create and magnetic effect on the human mind, as well as on the stock market, which we explain below.
The stock market is all about numbers when there is a number its mathematics, and WD GANN says, the calculation of numbers is much easier through geometry than any other means of calculation. Because there is nothing more than 360 degrees in this universe. So, if we calculate the number in terms of degrees. Either we get multiplication of 360 degrees or subtraction of 360 degrees. For example; nifty is at 15777.5 on dated 23/06/2021 at 13.25. so, nifty is on the 44th circle of its own 360-degree cycle. Whenever Nifty reaches and crosses above 15840, we say it has completed its 44th cycle and is ready to enter its 45th cycle.
Now, the 45th cycle itself is a very important cycle, as it is the multiplication of 9, And 1/8th of 360 degrees. So, it must create resistance on the 45th cycle of nifty.

If you don’t know the square of 9, visit our youtube channel where the square of 9 is explained.
Now, to understand better let’s analyze the weekly chart of nifty. Nifty made its recent bottom on 23rd March 2020. So, based on the past year’s data, let’s see where nifty is going to go in the next year.

From the above-mentioned weekly chart of Nifty, we see in Jan 2020 high was 12400, from there nifty made a bottom of 7543. And the break out of previous high made on 2nd week of September 2020. Now, from Gann perspective until the price is above 45 degree, we are in bull market. And from March 2020 to june 2021 the price never broke 45 degree angle on weekly chart.
Recently Nifty corrected till 14150, and the low made on 3rd week of april 2021, from there the smaller cycle still holding the 45 degree angle too. As per the angle calculation, once the one angle breaks it’s come to next angle, and then next and then next, and each angle creates a strong support and resistance level. It means until nifty breaks below 15000 from present level, we cannot expect any major changes in the trend.
Now let’s check the daily chart of nifty, When Gann wrote his books, there was no intraday concept of Trading, if somebody is misleading you with intraday concept please control your greed and avoid, it is just going to take you to wipe out your trade.
As we mentioned in our previous blogs, Gann important cycles are 100 years, 90 years, 60 years, 50, years, 30 years, 25 years, 20 years, 10 years, 15 years 5 years, 3 years and 1 year.
As he mentioned in his books, there is nothing new under the sun, everything is just a repetition of past. So, he believes in finding out the cycle, cycle inside a cycle and always tries to find out the cycle on longer term than intraday. Again, accumulation and distribution of any particular stocks, commodity, currency, takes time. Sometime it takes years to accumulate. Take an example of Reliance. See the accumulation period of reliance and its break out.
But, Again we study the celestial dates, and natural dates o Gann, those are the dates directly related to the Vedic dates, it seems he took those dates from our Vedic astronomy. On those particular dates market behave in a certain way, either it denotes an important trend changes or corrections.
To calculate stock prices we must see all those dates and position of celestial beings in respect to the earth makes our trades more perfect and accurate, chances of losing minimizes dramatically.
Let’s study the Nifty Daily chart to see where it’s going go in its next cycle.

nifty futures
You see on the daily chart of Nifty, we have collated two data points; one is on dated 29th Jan 2021 and 21st April 2021. And we have also taken Gann box to understand the time. So, one aspect is going to provide us the Y axis, price and the other aspect is going to help us to X axis, time. Other than the circles and angles, we see whenever price comes near or on 0.5% of the time zone, either its retrace back to major fall or give minor correction. From that behavioural pattern we find nifty is circling through 20 days cycle. When we consider the major astronomical dates along with the cycle and price pattern we get a sound entry and exit level.
In our next literature we discuss about astronomical dates its impact on the stock market, whether its Dow, S&P, DAX, FTSE, CAC, Euro Stoxx, or Bitcoin & Ethereum.
But, my concern about you is that are you considering and studying all the factors before taking any trading decisions or just looking for a God father to come and provide you the calls for your benefit instead of their own profits?
Stop looking for ideas on google, facebook or youtube, be your own Guru, learn to read the cycle, or cycle inside cycle, mathematics and calculation are all same for all financial instruments. There is nothing more than 360 degree in this universe, so as it is for your Dow Jones, Nifty, Bank nifty or Euro Stoxx. Use the angles on different time frame, use square of 9, on price and dates, use square of 12, use natural dates of the universe, you will start seeing the future movement of any stocks, commodity and currency like never before, as a result your trades improved more than 400 percent. You become a better and learned trader.