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This course is designed for Beginners, Intermediaries, Professionals or who wants to make career in finance and want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Vedic way of Investing and Astronomics .
It is a 15-day course that provides participants with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the field of Vedic way of Investing.

Time Series

✓ Cycle (360 degree)
✓ Cycle under cycle
✓ Support Target Resistance
✓ Time Price Square
✓ Gann Important Dates


✓ Square of 9
✓ Square of 12
✓ Angles


✓ The reason behind Accuracy

Fundamental analysis 3.0
Technical Analysis 3.0
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  • 00Seconds

What You Will Learn

Learn Technical & fundamental analysis With Time Cycle

Forecast your stock 30-90 Days in Advance

Intraday Technique with Time Cycle

Options Trading with Time Cycle

Positional Trading with Time Cycle

Swing Trading with Time Cycle

Identify market trends with Time Cycle in advance

Learn Candlestick with Time Cycle

Catch market movements with Time Cycle in Advance

Manage your risk with 0.25% only possible with Cycle

Discipline your trading decisions mind, body and emotions in a Vedic way

Discipline your trading decisions mind, body and emotions in a Vedic way

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Trilogy approach is a combination of Time series analysis, GANN, and Vedic Astronomy. It helps investors in catching the most probable price that coincides with the most probable time, to get the best probable results.

Vedic Astronomy helps in understanding the seasonal cycle, circle, or the table of 9 on price as well as on time. It is based on the current placement of the universe, which affects our lives and the markets.

WD GANN was a renowned stock trader in the 19th century. His forecasting strategies consist of a triangle, circle, hexagon, pentagon or square of 9 or 12.

Our predecessors knew the importance of 9 much prior to the 19th century. It is an important number in Vedic Mathematics, and also features in Tesla’s theorem on 3-6-9.

Time is the only element that determines the price of any financial instrument. Without the X axis, the Y axis is of no value. Price is just a reflection of Time.

Time series analysis is a statistical technique that is used to analyze trends, patterns, and relationships in data over time. It helps in understanding an instrument’s cycle and predicting its future movements.

By combining Time series analysis, GANN, and Vedic Astronomy, the Trilogy approach helps in catching the most probable price that coincides with the most probable time, providing an accurate prediction of future market movements.

There is nothing new under the sun, everything is just a reflection of the past. Understanding the past helps in identifying patterns and trends, which can be used to predict future market movements.

The Trilogy approach has a high success rate of more than 90% in providing accurate market forecasts. However, it is important to note that no single method can guarantee success in the highly volatile world of investing.

Arthashastra specializes in time and uses a unique combination of international market knowledge and traditional Indian mathematical science to recommend solutions that are most suited and relevant to each individual investor. They have 15 years of research and experience in catching every movement of a stock, commodity or index much prior to the actual happening.

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