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Arthshastra- A vedic way of Investing

‘ArthashastraGurukul’ , Arthashastra means economics knowledge , Gurukul means school, the economics school, is situated in  the lap of Himalaya in uttarakhand and himachal pradesh providing guidance to only selective investors, traders or professionals each year. 

Arthashastra, the Upaveda, represents Atharva Veda, is the ancient Indian literature from Vedic era is a comprehensive treatise on statecraft and economics that has been influential in Indian political and economic thought for centuries are still relevant today. 

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    How can you Benefit out of it-

    You learn to forecast the movement of any financial instrument minimum 30 to 90 days advance.

    Learn the best , that works

    Timeseries analysis made its easier to manage your portfolio by knowing where the valuation could be by next week, month or quarter.

    Empower your trading system

    The highly sophisticated mathematical calculations on cycle covers all the technical analysis, intraday trading, option trading and forex trading strategies to the extent that you need not to find solution anywhere outside.

    Become an Independent investor

    Your higherelf automatically knows what source of knowledge & information are useful in your investing career. You learn to trust your own study, research & strategy. It is our prime objective to attain your higher self, so you don't get carried away with the noise out side in the industry.

    Professional Trader

    If you are a full time trader, investor, or planning to take investing as a profession but don't know Time Series analysis, Degree of a stock price, or Cycle of the year, quarter, industry, Index or stocks - you must not be in the industry. The wisdom uplift you, raise your standard among the top 5% of the investors and traders.

    Vedic Way Of Investing & Trading

    Do the stock market technical analysis works? #Arthashastragurukul

    Monthly special session- ArthashastraGurukul. 1st time in history a Gurukul on Trading & Investment

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